Dreilinden Gymnasium


Model UN AG


Students who are interested in the Model UN Programme are welcome to join the AG Thursdays in the 9th and 10th lesson (classroom of the 8c).

There are three conferences we take part in: BerMUN2 conference in March, the BalMUN conference in May and the BerMUN conference in November.

In the AG you can learn about the MUN programme, debating, researching a topic, writing a speech and you can practise your English (speaking and writing).

These websites  will give you further information on the programme and the upcoming conferences:





If you want to know what a Model UN Conference is you can find information on this website:

www.model-un.de (information in German and English).  


Next upcoming conferences:


BALMUN (Rostock)

This year's conference will be the tenth anniversary of BALMUN.

The conference will take place from the 18th until 21st May in the Hanseatic town Rostock.

The topic of the jubilee Baltic Model United Nations Conference will be On the journey to justice – Jeopardizing human judgement?!.


Berlin Model United Nations (BALMUN)

Women´s Empowerment: A Key to Good Governance and Socio-Economic Prosperity

November 15-18, 2017