Dreilinden Gymnasium


Dear Students,

We are invited and accepted to join this year's special session devoted to the theme

Eradicating Poverty: An Imperative for This Generation.

At the Millennium Summit the General Assembly designated 2015 as its target year to reduce poverty by half. In 2000 member states were focused on the peoples living in the less and least developed countries for which the scourge of poverty is the biggest hurdle to enjoying a dignified and self-determined life.

For a world community aiming at globally respected human rights and democratic values, fighting poverty cannot be limited to summits and resolutions, to annual reports and an International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Fighting poverty has to become a mainstream effort; it should be on everybody"s agenda.

At the BERMUN Conference, participants will examine the root causes of poverty, they will study its effects on both domestic and international politics and economies, and they will recognize the correlation between poverty and many of the social, political, and environmental issues that plague us in the twenty first century. Alleviate poverty and the world will come a long way to raising literacy rates, combating AIDS and tuberculosis, and protecting our environment from those who are driven by bare necessity to exploit irreversibly the world"s forests and natural resources. The issues aim at raising awareness of the disastrous impact of poverty on human rights, human dignity, and human security and to demonstrate the necessity to take immediate concrete steps towards meeting the goals established at the Millennium Summit.

We can take a delegation of six students representing Guatemala at the BERMUN conference November 16th to 19th 2011.

Preparatory sessions are starting Friday, Aug. 26th, in the 7th lesson (meet in front of the teacher's room).


1. Anna-Katharina Czwalinna (Q3)

2. Sophie Hofmeister (Q3)

3. Melina Zöllner (Q3)

4. Theres Wendrich (Q3)

5. Friederike Reiß (Q3)

6. Daniil Matzkuhn (Q3) Ecosoc