Dreilinden Gymnasium

Glimpses – Visit of Reichstag in January 2017


„There are some days in the year that every student loves: the excursion days. The teacher searches for a place where the students are able to learn something concerning their current topic in school, the students are just happy to anywhere else than to school for one day. But sometimes it happens that the excursions turn out to be very interesting, for example our trip to the German Bundestag. It is great to see a place you`ve only seen in the news before and to be where a lot of famous polititians have been. Oour class sat on one of the visitor galleries and a guide told us the story of this huge building in English.“

P. L.



We, as a group, also went up into the dome that approximately 2,5million people visit each year. The mirrors were very impressive but it was also super cold in there that day.

...The Bundestag moved from Bonn to Berlin in 1999.... There are 22 sitting weeks, meaning weeks in which debates take place.... In the socalled „readings“ each party gets the chance to express their opinion in a certain amount of time depending on the number of seats it has in the Bundestag.“


C. K.


„Eventually, we left the Bundestag and walked to the place where the wall stood. I was only a few meters away from the Bundestag. Next to it were big glass walls with the articles of the „Grundgesetz“ printed on it.“

S. P.

„The Reichstag was first constructed by architect Paul Wallot in the 80s of the 19th century. However, in 1933 the chamber of the Reichstag got destroyed by an international laid fire. Also, during the 2nd World War, the dome was destroyed and the Reichstag building was damaged intensively. First, the architect Paul Baumgarten started the reconstruction of the building. In 1991 however the British architect Norman Foster designed and constructed the building as we know it today. He rebuilt the dome and integrated countless mirrors in order for the daylight to reflect directly down into the chamber. But not only had he reconstructed the roof, but also the chamber itself with its 630 blue seats and the eagle which weighs about 2,5 tons.“

L. Q.


„The process of voting for or against an amendment is very unusual, as the votes are not counted but they are estimated by the speaker of the house Norbert Lammert. This is to see a clear majority in votes. But if it is not so obvious there is a process called the “Hammelsprung”. For that the politicians must enter through one of three doors, one in favour of the new law, one against it and then there is a neutral door.“



„I learned that there is actually a job, where you have to wake up politicians during a meeting when they fall asleep and also that the colour of the seats in the chamber have an especially protected blue colour called „Reichstagsblau“.“

S. P.